Responsible Gambling-Your Play


How it works

YourPlay is a personal gaming card that gives every player
the power to track their playing activity over time.


You can now register and enjoy playing with more control. Registration is quick, easy and your details remain completely anonymous. You’ll have access to your playing history and receive annual activity statements. Casual player cards that do not require registration are also available in venue. They will allow you to track your play but have limited features. Register for YourPlay online by filling out some simple details.


Once you’re registered, you can choose to set time and/or money limits so you’re always in control. You’ll be able to track your play and see what you have lost against your set limits. Plus you can update and reset your limits in venue or online at any time.

If you choose not to set limits, no problem. YourPlay will keep you up to date with how much you spend within each playing session.

GOThen it’s as simple as collecting your card from your nearest venue. All you’ll need is some form of ID. To use your card, simply insert it into the gaming machine before you start playing. You’ll have the power to track your playing history in a number of ways: by logging on to this website, via the kiosks within venues, at a player service point or by contacting the help desk via phone or email.